sure shot x

Everything is deliberate in the design of the SURE SHOT X paddle. Over the years I’ve tried so many paddles and found a lot of elements I loved but something was always lacking. I wanted innovation, comfort and performance. I wanted dynamics. I didn’t want to over pay for a name. I wanted style and character to reflect my personality without compromising quality. So here it is… I’ve created the SURE SHOT X paddle series as the answer! A professional grade, innovative, textured fiberglass surface to get maximum grip on the ball for spins and total control. Power behind every shot balanced with the ability to absorb power and respond with that delicate dink right where you intend it. A variety of graphics designed by my friends & I. Something for everyone! Pickleball is for all walks of life, all ages, all are welcome. So I wanted to offer professional USA Pickleball Approved paddles that are as diverse as the community of us who love the game. Drawing inspiration from a lifetime of skateboarding, music and street art. I invite you to enjoy the following collections from the House of Ghost. Thank you for your support! Respect
-Branden Steineckert
Founder/Owner Ghost Pickleball™️