My name is Branden Steineckert. I’m a professional drummer for the punk band Rancid. I was the founder and former drummer of the band The Used. I have traveled the world playing countless concerts for over 20+ years professionally and sold millions of records worldwide. In addition to performing and songwriting with my bands I work as a producer with other artists and I do a lot of hired drum work. I also love working on soundtracks and scoring motion pictures & action sports films.
I enjoy many hobbies and activities outside of my music career. I love the outdoors in my beautiful home state of Utah. I’ve been skateboarding since I was 11yrs old. Action sports, music and art have been my whole world since a young age. I love wakesurfing, soccer, hockey, hiking, off-roading, free driving with sharks, snorkeling, surfing and many other adventures.

I got into pickleball a few years back and as I do with anything I enjoy… I dove in head first! While building my new house in 2020 I put in my own private professional grade Sport Court pickleball court in my yard. I fell in love with the game and I’ve had countless hours of fun with friends & family on my court. I love introducing people to pickleball and watching the addiction spread!

I wanted to get professional quality paddles but I couldn’t find anything proper that had unique style. There are a lot of great brands doing great things but nothing that had the style of my world and not much for dynamics in designs. As a skater, punk, artist with an affection for street art and love for these subcultures I craved something fresh. There’s so much diversity in pickleball. People of all walks of life, all ages, all backgrounds are having a great time with pickleball. I wanted paddles that were as diverse as all of us. So much character, style and uniqueness…

Branden Lifestyle

I started getting into pickleball branding and accessories more and more. I had toyed with design ideas and concepts for quite awhile and worked with manufacturers to find something just right. On January 2nd 2023 my dear friend Ken Block died in an accident unexpectedly. He was like a mentor and someone I looked up to in so many ways. He inspired me and pushed me more than anyone I’ve ever known. We would have conversations about my ideas for pickleball and it was like gold to bounce ideas off him. He was a brilliant creator of so many great brands. An innovator. One of the greatest drivers of all time. I could go on and on. He was an incredibly talented athlete and when he first played pickleball at my house he picked it up right away. Whenever he’d come visit we would have the most intense and fun matches against each other. In an interview not long before he passed away he said the most perfectly Ken Block quote... When asked what he considered his legacy he answered that he tried to inspire people to “Be creative. Live a fun Life. And don’t be an asshole”.


I want to put my all in to everything I do. I always have in my professional career and I always will. I am meticulous in the details of my vision and I love working with others to turn those visions into reality. So I took this tremendous inspiration, I pulled the trigger and I started Ghost Pickleball.

I’m very fortunate to have talented, creative and incredible people in my life. As I shared my ideas with my friends while developing this brand so many of them stepped up and joined me in countless hours of brainstorming, designing, creating and helping me to make something special and real. Here it is… Ghost Pickleball.

We’re here to elevate fun any way possible, celebrate our diversity, help others find joy in pickleball and cultivate an environment of inclusion. We’re all so different so we want to provide something awesome for everyone. Style & quality never compromised.

This is the House of Ghost. Everyone has a place. Welcome to the Ghost Pickleball family. I thank you for your support!
Much respect
-Branden Steineckert